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Parameter, Description. /?, Displays help at the command prompt. /g, Displays the current time zone ID. /s [_dstoff], Sets the. You can use the Windows® Time Zone Utility (Tzutil) to manage available time zones. Time zone values are subject to change and are updated in the Windows . When I run the following command at powershell command prompt it works fine. It changes the time zone to Easter time zone. tacticapadel.com /s.

If you you need to set up a computer with a time zone from a command line, there is available a specific command. The command is the tzutil. tacticapadel.com Time Zone Utility. Syntax TZUTIL /g | /l | /s "TimeZoneValue[_dstoff]" | /? Key /g Display the current time zone value. /l List all valid time zone values. In Windows 7, we can set/find the time zone of computer from command line using the command tzutil. This article explains this command syntax with some.

"tacticapadel.com" is a command line utility introduced in Windows 7 which can be used to change Time Zone or to get the current time zone information. To use this. If you you need to prepare a computer with a specific time zone, the tzutil command could be helpful. It allows you to easily change the time. Powershell, GUI or command line MS-DOS can be used to set time and date information. In this tutorial we will look tzutil which is a MS-DOS. Usage: TZUTIL. Parameters: /? Displays usage information. /g Displays the current time zone ID.


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